-we are us-

Begging to be caressed, I place my velvet cheeks onto your soft skin

As your spindly fingers settle and merge Orchids blossom and breathe in my mind 

The ever changing clouds adrift And my eyes lock onto yours

I let you breathe me and hope the taste is okay Yet I never know

your unpredictability of the moment makes me need you more
The delicacy is so apparent I feel every little line of your finger prints move over me

You wrap my laughter up to put in a glass bottle For if the stormy weather arises

I leave it floating in the distance and focus on your breath
the sensual flutters transpiring from your core
we connect like words on a page so naturally florescent
the punctuation doesn’t fit here these memories have no end or exclamations ((this))
How a mind can become so joyous after such aches in the distant years ((infatuation))

The two Prairie Voles in a musky vanilla life Equilibrium is ours

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