help, i don’t want to be part of this structure.

you praise death and the feasible access to it
but help me try to explore the mind a little more
swim in there, just endeavour the drones and their machines
before the leeches suck you and i dry
they trip us up and laugh at our scars
the incessant fabrications over and over

for fuck sake, i know that we are just a bunch of molecules
but lets watch them swirl and cross paths
instead of being “humans” and just that

the noose is tied because you can’t deal with this now
but lets try to get to that place they say is transcendence
light up, stop thinking about that tunnel
on that day where you put those 6 bullets in her chest
so she could be free
joining the silhouette of her under the red moon

state two is much sweeter, you’ll feel the heat again
the nightmares turn to dreams
the world is yours
compare it to the commercialised consumer confinement keeping you up at night
the many mechanisms that you felt since day one of coming out of her womb

break out of the cage and you’ll be put in a smaller one
constant restrictions, state two has no confinement, control.
endless clambering through concrete bogland
help me find a logical solution to surviving the waking state
or is it too late?

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