fake tanned goddesses letting density construct a perfect storm
pigeons mounting. bees buzzing fuzzing smacking the window
over and over
until the blanket looms

I grasp on to the side of the ship as they prance and dance
aidez-moi! aidez-moi!
mounting one and two and seven and ten
their teeth reflecting geometric nightmares

street rats they call them

i fall and swim through the sea of goosebumps once more
drowning as each wave passes by
teasing me to come back to life
a ruthless move
oh how you did that well

the wisps of wire i took for granted
i should have stroked you more and held your arms
but you had to drown me to shake the earth

BANG and the dirt is gone!

i walk into the gates of hell not bearing to think of your touch
brown lumps pouring out of my paper thin lips
tears meeting with the sea suffocating my soul
cronus should have swallowed me instead

my god is a vow aidez-moi


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One thought on “drowning

  1. I really enjoyed losing my self in this for a while. Beautifully written 🙂 You might like my poem the stars and the city lights http://wp.me/p4INFJ-4

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