It’s been a while

It makes me squirm thinking of some girls fat legs wrapped around your pretty pea head,

the dreams are no longer elusive for they contain the truth of reality

(what a tag line that would be for a Lynchesque movie.)

I lay here at 3:14 then 5:45 wondering what went wrong,

I have a couple of conditions with the situation, when will the birds stop singing

and the


sun stop shining on my tired face?

When will people stop chattering about nothing and cackling as if all is okay?

only I am trapped from the knowledge of kings.

how could you leave me alone in this world with all of the writhing i did in bed


I am finding it impossible,

to sleep, to read, to eat, to focus, to laugh, to stabilise = dead.


stop me thinking of your fat black heart or with her,

or at least you without me.

But what if this is what i think of for eternity?

What if the birds will never stop singing?

My heart is nothing without your piece, your peace.


painful emptiness to my ill ticker


six days ago you’d confess love is better than anything in life

yet you up and leave to find something that is not there

why are you so blind?

a selfish act one act two act three i cannot understand the scenes

that play over in my mind


Time was nothing to you, yet it haunts my dreams

the road to eternity is murky


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