Joey Leung Ka-Yin (‘Tangle’ & ‘Banana Fashion’)

Joey Leung Ka-Yin (Banana Fashion)

What particularly interests me in a character is how they can transform a set culture and representation of art into something omitting such modernist features, whilst keeping in line with traditional values. And that’s where Joey Leung Ka-Yin comes in. After earning an MA in fine arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Leung’s importance towards Chinese contemporary art blossomed into something magnificent, something that Western culture needs to know about. Whilst practicing the traditional values of gongbi, Leung’s marvellous style weaves tradition and comic, and the inclusion of doggerel makes it all the more better. To be able to be inspired of the daily life and completely transform tradition into something of your own is something incredible, and Joey does it very well.

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