Cy Twombly- Quattro Stagioni: Primavera 1993-5


Rating– 9/10
Genre- Abstract Expressionism/ Modernist Art

Seen here is Cy Twombly’s magnificent piece ‘Quattro Stagioni: Primavera’. It is the centrepiece of our living room and probably one of my favourite art pieces. I saw the piece in the TATE Modern museum a year or so back with many others, staged next to the great Monet. Of course, many people paid to the exhibition to view the Monet pieces- including myself. However, it wasn’t until I saw the Quattro Stagioni series that I fell in love with the profound artist Twombly. With inspiration from Early Modern European art, Twombly’s pieces are seemingly beautiful but behold an awfully depressing quality behind them. Lines of untidy writing and strokes of oil, a mournful undertone possessed. However in Primavera (Italian for Spring) splashes of reds and yellow are painted, and a transformation into happiness is seen. Hope is portrayed, with the yellow representing splashes of sunlight over the grey doom and the red portraying the traditional Egyptian boats used for rowing, which Twombly was fond of when in Egypt. The layer of scribbled prose is almost unreadable but a poetic lightheartedness can be seen when read, and something ‘that almost overwhelms’ him. It is joyful; having it as the centrepiece of the room brings a calming atmosphere. Although it seems like Twombly’s manic reminiscing, if one looks over they can feel the bouquet type clashes of paint bring a sense of wonder and warmth over the admirer.

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2 thoughts on “Cy Twombly- Quattro Stagioni: Primavera 1993-5

  1. Cy Twombly is one of my favorite artists, thanks for this. I’m painting today and this really helped me today.

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