Laurel Halo- Sex Mission

Rating- 7/10
Genre- Electronic/ Experimental Music

Being a long term fan of Burial and the mysterious passion behind his exceptional production, it was Laurel Halo who became my next love from the Hyperdub label. What makes an artist unique is the time they spend in the production process; how they use their equipment and how they make something ‘their’ sound. After doing my research (such as on Resident Advisor’s article on the use of technology in Halo’s home studio) I found it necessary that I should write up about the famous producer. The soothing voice that she beholds is different, exploratory and haunting. With comparisons of Ruby Wood’s voice from Submotion Orchestra, Laurel’s play on pitch and tone makes her unique. To fit such a diverse voice in with a memorable groove over and over is extraordinary, and she does it well. As a listener I got hooked on Quarantine, the shivers created and the lump in my throat- especially with the song ‘Thaw’. This album is what differentiated her from the rest, and undeniably a personalised sound was formed.

However, her EP Behind the Green Door, does not draw attention to her memorable vocals but focus’s on the bass and familiarises itself with the UK underground club scene. With a slight tech-house twist a listener can still hear the experimentation, but it is no longer moving pieces of imagination, it’s something almost emotionless; an omission of feeling and bass that is ‘dancable’. This almost complete change in genre would be a hard change to make with most producers but for Halo it is beautiful transformation. A once experimental story-teller, now turned underground mistress. To some, too much experimentation can get too much, so perhaps in the light of the listener it was a transformation for the better. My personal favourite from the EP would be ‘Sex Mission’, which creates a ghostly atmosphere with the filtered reverb, and is seductive with the repetitive synth experimentation. Yet, although the change is there, if listened to one can definitely identify it to be her work. A layer of cool is always over Halo’s pieces of art to make them hers. Perhaps its the personalisation and time behind each song, or the dark diversity she beholds over each piece. Either way she definitely stands out as an incredibly inspirational producer that will always be incomparable.

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