Surrealism in NYFW 2014


“Art evokes the mystery which the world would not exist”
-René Magritte-

Surrealism and dreams were the prominent theme this NYFW within a couple of designers collections bringing art and clothing even closer together. Inspirations from surrealist artists have been vaguely used in the past, but as clothing becomes more intent on anti-realist themes, the topic of surrealism has been widely accepted. Firstly looking at the inspiration of Magritte; Opening Ceremony have used some of his best pieces to stimulate their collection- such as ‘Scheherazade’ on a dress, top and pearl encrusted jacket and VANS have used ‘The Kings Museum’ on their classic styled trainers. All models in the photo are wearing the hooded materials, representing ‘The Lovers’. It’s absolutely marvellous to see such an artist inspiring and being used so cleverly to link with fashion.
Secondly the Marc Jacobs closing show was held under dream like clouds and the pieces were futuristic yet sublime. The set was wonderful and the models glided through the individual circular seats with their slick hairstyles and minimalist make-up, wearing mainly pastels colours and blending wonderfully into the dreamy atmosphere. This idea was individualistic and very intriguing, but nevertheless it was wonderful to see Jacobs evoke such modernity to fashion for yet another season.

4 thoughts on “Surrealism in NYFW 2014

    • Thank you! They were very inspiring, I loved the strong connection between such a surrealist artist and some of the best designers, it was a great surprise! Have a lovely day!

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